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We are pleased to announce that the MOTOR GENIE® - Condition Calculator™ App is now available.

The new MOTOR GENIE® - Condition Calculator™ App is a companion to the MOTOR GENIE® motor tester. The App allows you to quickly analyze your motor data using your smart phone. Take the guess work out of knowing if your motor is GOOD or BAD!

The App quickly analyzes the MOTOR GENIE® measurements of resistance, impedance, current frequency response (I/F), phase angle (Fi), phase balance (pb), and insulation resistance to ground testing for low voltage three-phase AC induction motors.

The App language is English only at this time. User creates an account during App installation process and all test data resides in the Cloud. It is an annual subscription and the cost is $99 USD per year.

Is your drinking water safe?

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Update from JETT Pump & Valve on COVID-19

The current 'Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce,' from the US Department of Homeland Security (dated March 19th, 2020) as well as Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Executive Order No. 2020-21 (dated March 23rd, 2020)...

Successful Storm Station in Romulus, MI

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ALL-TEST Pro AT5 Training Video

Find a GREAT review video for ANYONE who is using the AT5 HERE. It will answer most of the operational questions surrounding the instrument.   To order your AT5, contact Scott Sturm at today!  

Why Test Motors?

Because Motors Fail. Not all winding faults start as ground faults. Instead, they can start as a weakness in the winding insulation system that may eventually fault to ground when the motor stops running. Motor testing is integral to the...
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