"I sought the services of Jett Pump due to a failure of both regenerative blowers and a few years ago Jett Pump had repaired one of those blowers. Since I knew Jett Pump had established a working relationship with the manufacturer of the blowers, it seemed the logical choice when both failed at the same time. From the time of the failure on May 16th, to the installation on July 11th, Jett Pump kept me apprised of the status of the timeframe to get the new blowers installed. Would I recommend Jett Pump? Absolutely! As I noted earlier, I was kept in the loop regarding the timeframe for getting the blowers installed. In fact, the installation took place on a Saturday, a couple weeks ahead of the projected timeframe! That in itself is a rare service."

Ken Rutkowski

Operator In Charge, Huron Regional Water Authority Port Austin, Michigan


"I was in search of a part for a Cla-val valve we use on our splash pad and I think Cla-val gave me your number as a supplier. I wasn’t sure of the part that I needed and the sales person was very helpful sending me pictures to help identify the correct part. By the way I installed it and it works great, no leaks! Then I had another issue with a pool flange and check valve and I inquired about them to see if you had them available. After several pictures and emails, your sales person got me the correct parts and again I installed them and they are working great! I have already recommended you to the City Waste Water Treatment plant. I will be calling in the future for any other valve issues I have."

Rob Clair

Chief of Maintenance City of Lapeer


"I have worked with JETT Pump (John Bresler) for over 20 years on many pump station projects and I highly recommend them with confidence."

Dave Harris

Owner, Milford Excavating


"(JETT Pump & Valve) Team, I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and perseverance to the job at hand during this project. Despite some minor turbulence during the flight we have arrived at our destination and our customers are happy. Great work and kudos to all involved. I look forward to the next project that the DWS can partner with JETT Pump & Valve on."

Bill Bohlen

Director, Bay County Department of Water & Sewer


"Your firm has done an absolutely remarkable job with this challenging project. I look forward to working with you in the future, and confidently referring your company to other colleagues."

Rob Krochmal

The Surnow Company