Preventative Motor Testing

JETT Pump & Valve, LLC Adds Preventative Motor Testing

Waterford, MI March 1, 2016, JETT Pump & Valve, LLC is pleased to announce that they have added a new manufacturer, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC to their extensive product line. This new addition comes due to their commitment to increasing productivity and quality of service. The ALL-TEST PRO® instruments will improve customer productivity and reduce costs by identifying electrical issues in motors before they stop working.

JETT Pump & Valve, LLC has committed themselves to high-quality preventative maintenance, making it a priority to research new products and technological advancements that might help them to improve their service. ALL-TEST PRO® instruments were built to be very easy to use and portable. With an ALL-TEST PRO® instrument, taking testing equipment to a job site and providing accurate results in the field is simple! This new equipment will help the JETT Pump & Valve, LLC team to more quickly troubleshoot motors and motor systems where a motor has stopped working.  In addition, the instruments can be used as a predictive maintenance tool to monitor the electrical health of motors and catch developing faults before they become failures. ALL-TEST PRO® instruments have the ability to determine turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase shorts and developing shorts as well as cracked or broken rotor bars, uneven air gaps and contamination.  The hand-held, field portable, battery operated instruments are simple to use for testing on AC (single- and three-phase) and DC motors as well as transformers.

JETT Pump & Valve, LLC selects new manufacturers and equipment based on quality and ease of use. Their product line features only the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of work. They continue to research and add new product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s marketplace. For more information on the brands they carry or to view their entire product line, visit the JETT Pump & Valve, LLC website at:

When asked about how they chose ALL-TEST Pro, LLC to add to their product line, JETT Pump & Valve, LLC Operations Manager, Jennifer Bresler, explained “ALL-TEST Pro, LLC is surprisingly not very well known. Most maintenance techs think they are doing ‘motor testing’ with a MegOhmMeter. They will tell you that they ‘test motors' when the motor stops running. That doesn’t prevent failure or test motor health. ALL-TEST PRO® instruments are perfect for preventative maintenance; they’re a tool to find electrical issues in the motor before it stops working. When a motor fails, it costs a lot of money not only to repair but in downtime and emergency services. This new technology will save our clients precious and valuable time.”

To learn more about JETT Pump & Valve, LLC, call 248.673.2530 today or visit


About JETT Pump & Valve, LLC

Established in Michigan in 1997, JETT Pump & Valve, LLC provides factory authorized Crane Pumps & Systems repairs with 24/7 emergency service. JETT Pump & Valve, LLC has provided products and service to their customers that allows them to devote more time and attention to the day to day activities of their business. They have become known in the industry for a strong, stable foundation of technical expertise, integrity, perseverance, and the best products and service around.


Source: Jennifer Bresler, Operations Manager at JETT Pump & Valve, LLC

Writer: Jessica Rakowicz Allen


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