Wastewater Industry Work Health Hazards & Preventive Cautions

Working in the wastewater industry can be a messy job and with that can come with some health hazards. It’s important to follow preventative measures, instructions and regulations to ensure the health and safety of your wastewater industry workers.


When dealing with wastewater, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Preventative care and preparation should be the first step before beginning the job. Below are just a few suggestions that can help workers to stay healthy in their line of work:

  • Frequently wash hands with anti-bacterial soap. It is also recommended to shower at the end of a shift.
  • Do not put your fingers or hands in your mouth, nose, eyes, or ears.
  • Protect any open cuts or wounds.
  • Do not wear contaminated clothing. It’s preferred to wash work clothes thoroughly on site. Bringing the contaminated clothing home can be detrimental to the health of those living in the same space.
  • Always wear gloves and protective clothing, it’s critical to avoid any and all direct contact with wastewater.

However, depending on the location and circumstances, there may be specific laws, rules, and regulations regarding the health and safety for those working with wastewater.

Confined Spaces

It is important for workers to be able to identify and deal with the hazards that come with working in a confined workspace. These spaces can include, sewers, pipelines, pump stations, and many more. For wastewater workers, confined spaces poses a huge danger and threat to them as atmospheric hazards lurk everywhere. Natural decomposition, treatment of wastewater, and wastewater residues can result in toxic gases. These gases can include methane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide. It is recommended that personal gas detection equipment should be used when working in a wastewater facility.

Wastewater facilities should develop and integrate a safety program for their workers that keeps them safe on the job. It’s crucial for the whole facility to review the health and safety guidelines and take appropriate measures that’ll ensure a safe work environment.

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