Helpful Ordering Tips

Helpful Ordering Tips

When you call or email in for quote requests we'll ask you a few basic questions to get started:

- What's your first & last name?

- What company are you calling from?

- What is your company's address? Will this be the same as the billing and shipping address?

- What's your phone number? (For any follow up questions)

- What's your email address? (To send a quote to)


Helpful Ordering Tips - Blog & Latest News | JETT Pump & Valve - Flat-Camera-Icon  Most replacement requests are facilitated when you are able to send us photos of what you have. Typically, we like to see a photo of the name plate (this is usually the most important), a photo of the pump, valve, or other item in its entirety, & a photo of the application that it is installed in. This helps us find exactly what you're looking for. Please see our Contact page for an email address or email




Some things that we may need to know:

- What is the valve's function?

- What size is the valve?

- What pressure does the valve need to be rated for?

- Is there a pilot control? What type?

- Is the valve globe or angle bodied?

- Is it threaded or flanged?

- What body & trim material would you like? (Ductile iron & bronze trim are standard)

- Are there and optional features you would like added?


BARNES PUMPS by Crane Pumps & Systems

If you are looking for a new Barnes pump or looking to convert your old pump, here are a few things we may need to know:

- Do you know the head & flow?

- What phase is it?

- What horsepower is it?

- What voltage is it?

- What is make & model of pump is currently installed?

- Is it a duplex or simplex station? (Two or one pump)



Here are some questions we may ask if you are interested in Walchem:

- What are you pumping?

- How much are you pumping?

- What is the pressure that you are pumping into?



Looking for something special? Call or email us!





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